Welcome to StropMan.com 

Strops handcrafted right here in the U.S.A. by a knife enthusiast for knife users of all imaginable purpose.  Our strops are for the final sharpening, polishing, and maintaining of blades.  Each strop is made with the natural materials of wood and leather, so while no two are exactly identical consistency is our goal.  We work very hard to ensure they are of the highest quality and best value.  You can be sure we are always striving to build the next strop better than the one before.  Having now handmade, sold and shipped approaching 6000 strops that are being used in all 50 States, and more than 60 countries we are getting pretty good at it!  

You can also find our Ebay store at http://stores.ebay.com/stropman or under user id StropMan.USA.  If you have time and would like to help us spread the StropMan name please like our fan page on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/StropMan.USA or any other way you like... even old fashioned word of mouth!

NOTE: Demand continues to amaze and current handling time on strop orders is approximately 3-4 weeks (subject to change / compound only orders ship daily).  Your order will ship by USPS with tracking asap as we make every human effort to fill orders quickly.     

Thanks for choosing StropMan, proudly handcrafted in the USA!  

VERY IMPORTANT:  PayPal is the accepted method of payment.  If you do not have a PayPal account you can pay the PayPal invoice by using a credit card or better yet your debit card (we are diehard Dave Ramsey fans). Please read the current StropMan status (updated March 24, 2014)... strop shop news, shipping costs / international procedure, etc. below and elsewhere.  

    Thanks for your interest in our strops and strop by again soon.  We really appreciate each and every one of our customers, past, present and those to come.  With our government bent on stepping on our Second Amendment rights they have yet to tell us how sharp our blades can be!  Remember to"get sharp... StropMan!" or "get sharper, stay sharper... StropMan!"   Either way you get the point (pun intended).  Please don't hesitate to use the contact us page if you have questions or need some help.  


    2 for $5   compound special deal when selecting a two sided strop so be sure to take advantage of that.  The Billy, 4Stroke, and Big Boy ship with 3 or 4 compounds.  


    Paracord color options now available if you want to upgrade the standard black handle cord they come with.  Click the enlarge picture button on a particular strop to see the cord colors.  Fun for us, cool .50 cent option for you, check it out.

    Shipping and such :  StropMan status (updated March 24, 2014!).  It was almost two years ago when we moved from West Texas and fired up the full time Mississippi "strop factory" June 18th, 2012.  What a ride!  We stayed up with demand fairly well until November of last year.  It has now become impossible ( with so many awesome customers) to keep up with our 24 to 48 hour shipping goal. We have had to admit we are puny humans and need some rest from time to time!  

    We ship orders in the order they are received and now every order is essentially a "custom order".  Your strop purchase will put you on the list for the strop to be made to order.  If you have any questions or trouble ordering please contact me.

    U.S. SHIPPING - All items ship free in the U.S. except the 4Stroke, Super, Big Boy and the NoMomma strops. 

    International shipping - USPS rates have again increased.  International customers: please contact me for international postage quotes. If you decide to order here on StropMan I will need to send an invoice directly to you thru paypal. We have shipped to well over 60 different countries now with good success so please contact me.