Compact Strop in 3 colors
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This Compact strop is the original StropMan strop and like the other strops it is for the final sharpening and maintaining your carving knives, tools as well as many other types of blades. Both sides of this 10" strop have a 6" x 1.5" piece of fullgrain cowhide flesh side up, perfect for stropping. One side for a fine compound and the other for a more aggressive compound.

This strop is exactly like the HD strop other than I use slightly thinner leather and wood making it. Same size overall except it is just over 3/8" thick as opposed to the 5/8" thick HD.  The picture should show the Compact strop in the available three color choices ( Golden Pecan, Ebony, Gunstock) but this is just the pecan color.  If you don't have your own compounds add a couple now to go with this strop at a 2 for $6 price on this page.  The compounds are also available on the compound page if you decide to come back later for more (but they last a long time).


  • Item #: Compact
  • Manufacturer: StropMan
  • Condition: New

Compact Leather Strop

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