Wade Nolan Death Dance
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I was a vendor at a wildgame dinner recently where I heard Wade Nolan speak.  It was not hard to hear as you could have heard a pin drop during his story telling.  I could have listened for hours!  He wanted to trade a strop for a book so I gave him a really nice strop for an even better book!  Don't ask me how but I was giving him a ride to the airport the next day.  Not until later did I realized I had shaken the hand and spent some time with one of the world's ultimate bushcrafter and adventurer not to mention wizard whitetail deer biologist and fantastic photograper.  

This book is one you won't put down once you start even if your are not into reading. Each chapter is a complete and astonishing story alternating from Alaska to Africa.  A few minutes a day for a chapter and you can have 18 days of the most incredible, amazing, pulse raising, breathtaking, stunning, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring stories you may ever read (no kidding).  I have not been a big reader much of my life either but trust me this is one read you won't regret!  This awesome book comes autographed by Wade Nolan making the regular price of $24.95 a steal but at this price...?  This really is an incredible book!  

Shipping is free and if you get the book along with a strop I will make a little on the deal,  if not that's perfectly fine by me. You will thank me later! 


Robert aka the StropMan

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Death Dance by Wade Nolan

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