SUPER Leather Strop
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This is your chance at my longest offering requested by numerous customers with BIG stropping needs!  I am calling it my SUPER strop and it is offered as a one or two sided genuine leather strop with your choice of compound(s).  This strop and these compounds are for sharpening your knives, tools and other many other types of blades. If you have the need for an extra long strop this one may suit you.  This strop is made to be either screwed down, slipped over two pegs (notice the two holes) or clamped to a flat surface for hands free stropping of larger blades (first made for a Hollywood sword stuntman).  

The picture shows the original 20 inch Super strop and the choice of compounds.  This strop is now being offered in two additional sizes of 16 and 18 inches.  One or both sides of this SUPER 20" strop has a stropping surface of 16" x 2.5" ( Super 16 has 12" x 2.5" the Super 18 has 14" x 2.5") piece of fullgrain cowhide flesh side up, perfect for stropping. One side for a fine compound and the other (if you choose two sided) for a more aggressive compound.   My two favorite compounds that I use most often are the quick cutting medium white compound and the even more aggressive coarse black compound. The fine green bar is an additional very good third option for even finer polishing and not pictured is a even finer red.  Your choice of one or two compounds can be added to this strop for no additional charge... FREE ($6.00 value).
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SUPER Leather Strop

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