StropMan Long sleeve Tee
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Due to the overwhelming response and inquiries (thanks to Gavkoo and youtube) here is your chance at a StropMan long sleeve teeshirt (contact me on how to take advantage of the special).  You can likely tell this was designed by me and until now has only been worn by myself and family. The character on the shirt actually has a twin brother I created way back about the time I was in the 8th grade.  The older brother has always been seen pushing a mower and has been associated with both the Lawn Barbers and A+ Landscape Services for over 30 years. This younger brother can now be found stropping while walking about (not recommended!) with tongue out in pure concentration.

If you would like to join the StropMan family and help spread the word I would be honored for you to have a shirt.  The picture shows the front and is the same on the back with the addition of the following text below

"Strops proudly handcrafted in the U.S.A. for sharpening, polishing, and maintaining your blades."

With the quantity of shirts ordered I can offer free shipping with the $25 price tag and just about break even.  I do enjoy making a small amount on most of my products but this one is "not for profit".  If I can figure out how I may offer these at various discounts for purchases over certain amounts.  A standing offer of $5 off with any strop and two compounds is as easy as contacting me and mention $5 off deal (not combined with any other offer however).

I do appreciate your interest in my site, strops and the new StropMan gear.  Thanks for checking StropMan out and let me know if I can help.  Remember "Get Sharp... StropMan!" or "Get Sharper, Stay Sharper... StropMan!"



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StropMan Long sleeve Tee

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