4STROKE Leather Strop
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  This is your chance to own one of my larger offerings the "4Stroke" four sided genuine leather strop and get it with four bars of compound free.  This strop is like having two of my Jumbo strops in one and the compounds I sell are included too.  The value here really must be seen and held to believe!  This strop and these compounds are for sharpening, maintaining and polishing your knives, tools and many other blades.  

Life was made easier by the internal combustion four stroke engine that makes 4 strokes per cycle (intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust).  Much like the 4 stroke you can now make four stropping passes with each of your blades and do it much easier.  All 4 sides of this 9" strop has a 8" x 2.5" piece of fullgrain cowhide flesh side up, perfect for stropping. One side for each of my three compounds and another for cleaning the blade, final stropping or one of your own compounds.  If you would prefer one side leather smooth side up select that option and I will make it up for you.  The picture shows one of these beasts, the three included compounds (a bonus 4th red bar is now an option but not shown) A stopper with a paracord pull for easy removal (not for hanging!) is included along with a non slip mat.  Another similarity this strop has in common with the 4 stroke engine is the internal part.  As you can guess there is an internal chamber behind the rubber stopper that can be used to store the bars (or maybe a snack!).  

I usually pay the shipping but now for this one I have to pass the cost to you since it weighs in at pounds not ounces!  The shipping varies depending on how far this has to go to get to you (averages around $8 USPS Priority mail ).  If you will pay the shipping I will pay for the heavy duty shipping box (suitable for storage), as well as the labor and fuel to haul it to the Post Office!    

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4STROKE Leather Strop

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