BIG SAM Leather Strop
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The "BIG SAM" strop has been well received  ( #390 just signed and numbered) and are known to exist and be in use around the world!  This one is huge at 18" overall with four 2.5" x 12" leather stropping surfaces.   It comes in your choice with three flesh sides (fuzzy) and one hide side (smooth) up or all sides fuzzy.  (Believe it or not over $30 dollars in leather cost alone is used for this strop.)
All four compounds are included with this strop so you can choose how you will use them.  Use three and keep one side bare or apply all four.   This strop is the oversized offspring of the 4Stroke and Billy.  If you feel the need for what might be the most beefy strop known to man the Big SAM could be the one for you.  I am making no claims but it might also have potential in replacing a bat if that is one of your choices for home defense.  Two 36" lengths of paracord are used on this strop, both black.  If you would like the second color to be something other than black that option is now available ( I use two cords together for this strop since one cord looks way to puny for this BigSAM.)  Optional: After numerous request and scratching my head as to how to... the internal storage option like the 4Stroke has been available awhile now.

Just like all our other strops this one is made to order.  Check turn around time on posted on our home page.   Also I usually pay the shipping but for this one I have to pass the cost to you since it weighs in at pounds not ounces!  The shipping also varies greatly depending on how far this has to go to get to you ($8 to $16 give or take). You pay the shipping and I will provide the costly heavy duty shipping tube (suitable for storage), as well as the labor and fuel to haul it to the Post Office!  (Very expensive to ship this one internationally at $50 plus).  
  • Item #: BIG SAM
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BIG SAM Leather Strop

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