BILLY Leather Strop
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Introduced summer of 2011 is the well received strop I call the "BILLY" that has become quite popular.  It comes with three free bars of compound and free shipping ( a savings of $15).  This strop and these compounds are for sharpening your knives, tools and many other blades. 

Three sides of this 12" strop have a 8" x 1.5" piece of fullgrain cowhide flesh side up, perfect for stropping. The other side has the leather hide side up.  One side for each of my three compounds and the fourth side for cleaning the blade and a few final stropping strokes.  The picture shows one of these strops and the three included compounds.  The compounds are my two favorite compounds which are the aggressive coarse black compound, the quick cutting medium white compound, with the green bar as the additional third bar for even finer polishing.   You also now have the option to add a fourth finer red bar for an additional $3.00 to use how you wish.  To keep your tool box and/or work stations clean this strop ships with a plastic sleeve and when storing these compounds three separate recloseable bags are included.  This strop would make a great addition to your shop and now you know why I am calling it the BILLY strop!  Only one strop and three (or optional fourth) bars with recloseable bags are being offered with each BILLY purchased.

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BILLY Leather Strop

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