Double sided diamond stone
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There are many ways to sharpen a blade but the trick is finding what works well for you.  I was taught to sharpen on Arkansas stones that work well but... they wear down and don't stay flat.  When I found Eze Lap diamond stones it was like Christmas morning!  They stay flat, are quick and they work well for me.  If you have not tried diamond stones I am sure you will like them too.  (Be sure to "break them in" first.) 

These double sided stones have a 2"x6" surface on both side in various grit combinations.  I find the superfine / fine (1200/600 grit)  to be perfect for my needs and I bet it works for you.

  • Item #: DD6
  • Manufacturer: EZE-LAP
  • Condition: New

Double sided diamond stone

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