Dozen Basswood boots
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For the new wood carver a cowboy boot is a good way to get started.  It is how I started.  This is a great way to practice and get familiar with your carving knife as well as how to work with the grain of the wood.  I have included 12  boots  - I will carve one for you to "go by" you carve the rest. The premium basswood boot blanks are roughly 3" tall, 2" heel to toe, by 3/4" thick.  By the time you carve all 11  blanks your boots may look better than mine.    At less than $3 a boot delivered (in the US) plus one boot that may be extremely valuable some day (ha!) this is great deal for someone wanting to get started carving.   I will send 12 blanks if you prefer to not have the finished "go by" boot or if you already have one of my finished boots.  I will send an email including pictures and tips you may find helpful with each purchase (remind me if you don't get it)


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Dozen Basswood boots

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