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Ok folks this strop comes to you thanks to HamBeau on YouTube.  Jay did the first StropMan video review which caught me by surprise and I credit him for "waking up" my brand new (at the time) StropMan site.  He helped introduced me to so many incredible youtubers and blade enthusist and I thank him for it.  I have never solicited a video and there have been many others since.  Each and every posted video still amazes me at the generousity of people with their time and efforts on our behalf and we are extremely gratefull.

This strop evolved from Jay's basic request and in his words...

"I'm looking for a field-portable, heavy duty, small-sized (to snug in a backpack or other pack) two-sides strop that is wider than the "normal" strop to accommodate things like axe blades, larger knives, etc. Maybe as wide as 3", with one end of the wooden frame being "oval" shaped to allow for a thumb-or-finger hole to grip it, instead of a longer handle. Length would be maybe 5 - 6 inches? the wood frame would have to be pretty thick, with rounded edges, to allow for easy packing without snagging bag edges or other gear. compounds could be stored somewhere else, separate from the strop. The more I work on field setups and work with different blades, I am starting to follow the "3-blade" principle: 1-large knife, like a bowie or Ka-Bar style; 1-"skinner" style knife for more delicate work; and 1-Axe like a Trail Hawk or other design that can be easily carried. This field strop would be able to handle all these types of designs."

While this strop might not be your best choice as your everyday user I think the PackMan will be a great addition to your StropMan collection as a portable.  I took his idea and this is what I came up with...  thanks again Ham!  Check him out with the very first prototype PackMan strop in his video.  

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